I am a Belgian living in the suburbs of Perth in Western Australia. And as in Sting’s song “Englishman in New York,” you can hear it in my accent when I speak!

I was born in Schaerbeek, one of the municipalities that make up Greater Brussels and I grew up there. Belgium which is a small country compared to the immense Australia has beautiful countries too.

I was lucky to live in the province of Namur which is an area that invites us to go for a nice walk and discover nature in our beautiful forests. This is where I rediscovered the joys of photography.

In 2016, I emigrated to Australia, my wife’s and my daughter’s country and moved north of Perth.



I have been taking pictures for over 10 years now, and if at first it was a newfound passion, today, after a career in the police, I decided to live my passion.

My police career, photography and film making, all these passions I owe to my father who was keen on super 8mm film and photos.

I started with a Kodak Instamatic 8mm M14 camera that I received for my 11 years. My first film I realized in Switzerland during a vacation with my parents and my sister.

It must be believed that I had learned my lessons well because my father kept my rushes to insert them in the film of our holidays!

Présentation de Daniel De Rocker
Daniel De Rocker
My first camera Kodak M14

Whenever I could, I used my father’s camera, an Olympus OM-1 that I kept well as all the equipment he had when my parents left us in 2009.

For my 16 years, I received a film camera brand FUJICA ST-607N with a 50mm lens. This device was great for a beginner like me.

I made my weapons with this camera until the day when the first film cameras with electronic cards for special effects came out on the market. I bought my first device, a Minolta dynax 7000i.


In 2005, I decided to go digital. My choice was towards a bridge of the Panasonic brand, the FZ20. I was very happy with this device.

In 2010, my cousin convinced me to switch to a SLR and I acquired my first Canon EOS 550D with a basic kit 18-500mm and 55-250mm. It is this combination that really made me rediscover the pleasures of photography.

Since then, my material has evolved according to my expertise and needs. I invite you to consult my page on my material. You will find, my advice my opinion after several months of use.

As you can see in my galleries, I like to take pictures of landscapes, it is for me a form of escape through the discovery of our beautiful planet.

You will find pictures of various countries in Europe but also and of course the beautiful regions of Western Australia.

My curiosity naturally leads me to explore all the styles of photography. You will discover my various works, Street pictures, portrait, macro, without forgetting the realization of videos.



The art of photography is infinite and I find at every moment a pleasure. Come share them with me through my services that will allow you to find your happiness and more!

Thank you for visiting my shop and checking my photographs. I hope you will see something that you like to put on your wall.

Panasonic Lumix FZ 2500
Panasonic Lumix GX85
Panasonic G9

A kind of homecoming. My new Fujifilm XT4 with its vintage look has nothing to do with my first camera the Fujica ST 605n.

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