New Gear The Fujifilm XT4


A kind of homecoming. My new Fujifilm XT4 with its vintage look has nothing to do with my first camera the Fujica ST 605n, even if it still works! Even if I love my Panasonic G9 and my other Panasonic which are all very good cameras, what I like about this Fujifilm XT4 is the way you can work with it. Really, I have the impression of having this pleasure of photographing like film time but with technology in addition. The Fuji film simulations are a plus and give another approach even if I keep shooting in RAW.
Here are some pictures already taken with this magnificent camera.

Burns Beach
Fujifilm XT4 + 16-80mm F/4 Fujinon

Fujifilm xt4 with the vintage lens Minolta MD 50mm f1/4
and Pixco Speedbooster

vintage lens

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