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Offer of services

From the realisation of photos for your interior decoration to the realization of mini video clips through basic training of the photo in French, my services are varied and adapted to your needs.


You will find in my gallery various achievements that will allow you to decorate your interior whether private or professional with a choice of frames and supports. Each realisation is provided on estimate only.

Negative photography
Development and transfer on digital media

You have old photos, old negatives and you want to find them on a digital medium. We realize this under quote.

Sample videos

We produce video clips on estimate for to bring an advertisement for your company.

It may be an opportunity for you to learn or perfect that language while learning the basics and more of photography.
2 in 1 Learn the basics of photography and French!

French is my mother tongue, my passion for photography I have developed through practice and still practice but also reading books in French. It may be an opportunity for you to learn or perfect that language while learning the basics and more of photography. The courses are adapted according to your level whether in Photo or in French.


Are you looking for an old camera for a movie shoot, an advertisement a window dressing?

I rent out my cameras from my collection.

Regarding the rental rates 

we offer a UNIQUE and economical CONCEPT:
Unlike a classic company that charges accessories “by the piece” we offer you to negotiate a “fixed price per film shoot” or “per issue” depending on your budget. This formula will allow you to avoid any budget overruns that are common in our professions. However, a deposit is required and covers damage, partial or complete destruction of the rented device. This deposit is also fixed. A state of the place is established at the time of delivery of the device. If the unit returns in the same condition, the rental guarantee is returned 100%. Any damage, even partial causes the full payment of the rental guarantee and therefore it is not returned. A rental agreement and its conditions are signed prior to the delivery of rented appliances. The rental guarantee and the lease is for a device and not a lot. For each rental unit a descriptive technical sheet with the amount of the rent and the amount of the guarantee is established and attached to the lease which specifies the duration of the lease and the conditions of use that the tenant must specify at the time of location. This clarification is necessary to determine whether the flat fee is sufficient to conclude the lease. In other words, we do not rent the equipment if the risk of destruction is proven from the start.

Kodak Eastman : Folding Brownie Pocket No.2 Model B
See the collection click on the picture


From the picture to the painting there is only one step. You will also have the opportunity to discover in my blog my achievements of abstract paintings. All are made on the basis of my photos.

What You Get

We offer you a neat and passionate work.

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